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Recently, my spouse and I became more health food orientated and could not help but notice the insane benefits of a micronutrient based diet. Being a veteran (Eric) and having multiple joint problems and ailments and Julie having been diagnosed with infertility problems, we found it to be a necessity to turn to nutritious food instead of pills. We are doing much better now as a result of our food choices which goes to show that you are what you eat.

At work and on the go is when people make the worse food decisions so our mission is to bring healthy choices within reach of everyone that desires to turn their health around. Healthy vending can aid in this process! If you are dissatisfied with your current vending service or you are a new company in town, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 720-583-4921 or email us. At Colorado Health E. Vend, we offer a 60-day no obligation period with no strings attached.

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